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Smart office – finally more room for creativity and agile working

This is how you and your company benefit from agile working environments

Flexible workplaces, more creativity and greater work efficiency – Smart office promises you all this. The smart office meets the demands of future generations and offers plenty of space for digital and agile working. So is a smart office the future? No, the smart concepts are already present.

Definition: What does smart office actually mean?

Everything is supposed to be ‘smart’ these days: Smart Home and TV, smart processes and buildings… But what does that mean? Smart products have emerged in the course of industry and the discussion about the Internet of Things (IoT) and are intended to make our lives easier with their intelligence. Features of such intelligent applications are mainly electronic components and the ability to communicate with other products or the internet.

Smart offices

Organise and develop agile working environments in a secure and user-optimised way.

Smart office thus describes the digitally networked office environment that uses these smart products in the office building and transfers them to the way people work today. The products range from preventive monitoring to individual room control and access control.

A smart office definition by Prof. Dr Vornholz, Professor of Real Estate Economics, gets to the heart of the matter. He defines smart office as ‘a building in which the numerous devices of building technology and information and communication technologies become intelligent objects aligned with the needs of the users’.

Answers to the demands of tomorrow: Advantages of smart offices

Think ahead – an inconspicuous adjective sums up the advantages of smart offices and smart working concepts. Think ahead with intelligent solutions. Future-oriented and digital.

A smart office brings numerous opportunities and benefits for both employees and employers. The task of smart office solutions is to optimise processes and reduce costs.

Summary of advantages:

  • modern and digital work processes
  • economic success
  • higher work efficiency
  • Safety
  • sustainable resource management
  • Better quality of work and life
  • Employee satisfaction: The workplace is an important argument when choosing an employer
  • Flexibility & ideal conditions for agile working
  • More room for creativity

A new way of working demands new working environments

The nine-to-five office job is history. Digitalisation and the current social situation have not only changed communication, but fewer and fewer employees are physically present at their traditional workplace. Business trip, home office, sick leave, different working hours… the reasons are different. The fact is that up to 30–40% of office space is underutilised as a result. By now at the latest, your alarm bells should be ringing: This means not only an enormous consumption of resources, but also high, avoidable costs. The more employees and premises a company has, the greater the benefit of a smart office and the associated technology.

Digital building management and smart technologies like those from SAG can help here.

Smart office solutions as a digital revolution in the business world

Digitalisation means more than ‘automation’. Our goal at SAG Smart Access is to jointly create added value for users and operators with intelligent solutions.

  • Keyless entry
  • Intelligent locking systems and cabinet locks for doors and furniture
  • Individual room control
  • Preventive monitoring

Mobile organisation of access across locations, analytical recording of demand and usage data.

Manage utilisation rates and optimise capacities. Create new working models and services.

Ensure security on a preventive basis, monitor locking statuses in real time.

Offer customised convenience, protect resources in a sustainable manner, deliver compelling experiences.

Smart working – Insights into the new office life

The office as a driver of knowledge and innovation? Does that sound like the future to you? It shouldn’t: With modern working concepts such as smart working, you can already make your processes more productive and make life easier for employees.

A thought experiment: Beep… You hold your smartphone in front of the sensor at the underground car park and the underground car park door opens. Since you have reserved the parking space beforehand via an app, the voice of your mobile phone will guide you there directly. You park and walk to the lift. This also recognises you and automatically stops on the right floor. You open the office door – without a key of course – the light and temperature are already set for you when you enter. A quick look at the calendar: A meeting with a client is scheduled for this afternoon. You can reserve a meeting room via the app.

A small movement with your smartphone and the cabinet compartment opens. You take out the confidential documents to which only you and one other colleague have access. You sit down relaxed at your desk and stretch. The day can begin… at least almost. In your app, you select your preset favourite coffee and listen to the familiar sound of the coffee maker before getting up and picking up the hot drink. Now the day can begin!

Smart office: Time is money!

Often it is only a few seconds or minutes that can be saved by using smart technologies in a smart office. ‘And it’s worth the effort?’ you may ask.

Definitely! At first glance, a time saving of about 30 seconds through automated starting of the air conditioning, ventilation or shading is hardly noticeable, but if you extrapolate this to a company with 100 employees, the result looks quite differently. 30 seconds saved per day with 100 employees is 17 working hours at the end of a month – at the end of a year even 200 hours of time saved. Time is money. Then there is the use of other smart products in the field of intelligent building management, as well as the additional cost savings from the resources saved, e.g. electricity, heating costs, etc. So the answer is simple: Yes, the effort is definitely worth it!

Are you interested in the topic of smart office or would you like to learn more about our solutions? We support you in your next steps towards the smart office!

Our four solution concepts ‘Keyless Access’, ‘intelligent cabinet locking’, ‘Preventive Monitoring’ and ‘Individual Room Control’ are explained in detail on the following pages.

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      • Ethernet port (100Mbit minimum) 1 USB port

      Services: Database Service, Cybernet, Interface Service

      • Windows 10

      • Intel Core i5 (Broadwell as a minimum)

      • or equivalent

      • 8 GB RAM or higher

      • >6 GB free disk space

      • Data backup option

      • Ethernet port 100 Mbit

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