Locks as a Service

Preventive and safe
Predictive building automation

With SAG Smart Line, SAG Smart Access offers the possibility of preventive building surveillance. SAG Smart Line is the first mortise lock range to be equipped with EnOcean wireless technology, making it possible to integrate doors into building automation in a particularly efficient and sustainable way.

Security through
condition and usage logs

For increased building security, SAG Smart Line mortice locks can prevent actuations of the latch or bolt. Not only states such as ‘closed’ and ‘locked’ are monitored, but also whether, when and how intensively certain areas are used. This increases safety and creates new savings opportunities, for example through more efficient and needs-based planning of building cleaning.

Interoperable through
EnOcean wireless technology

The EnOcean radio technology developed in Germany is already used in more than 500,000 buildings worldwide. All sensors and actuators with the EnOcean wireless standard are compatible with each other. For example, ventilation and heating or lighting and shading can be activated and deactivated under access control. Can be organised centrally and saves resources.

Simple, smart
prevention through condition monitoring

With the SAG Smart Line mortise locks, preventive surveillance is easily integrated into the central building automation software. EnOcean-based sensors that sound the alarm early in the event of burglary, fire or burst water pipes can prevent insurance claims worth millions. The combination of the SAG Smart Line mortise locks with the SAG Smart Access series for doors and cabinets additionally enables the entire access and entry management to be organised in a keyless and intelligent manner.

No cables
Cost-effective retrofittable

Existing mortise locks in the building can be easily replaced with SAG Smart Line locks. In this way, rooms can be converted at short notice during ongoing operation and integrated into the building automation system.

Connected in the network
Simply connect

IoT gateways also network the sensors and actuators with bus systems such as KNX or with cloud-based platforms such as IBM Watson, Amazon Echo, Microsoft Azure, Apple Homekit, Google Home or Crestonie, if required.

Sustainable through
wire- and battery-free solutions

The mortise locks of the SAG Smart Line use mechanical energy: Operating the handle or closing the latch generates sufficient energy for EnOcean radio transmission. This ‘energy harvesting’ eliminates the need for a wired power supply or battery!

  • Seamless logging of usage
  • Preventive transmission of locking states


  • Cost-effective retrofittable
  • Wireless integration possible


  • Among others, compatible with IBM Watson, Amazon Echo, Microsoft Azure, Apple Homekit, Google Home or Crestonie


  • Mechanical energy leads to radio transmission
  • Wireless and battery-free thanks to ‘energy harvesting’


  • Can be integrated seamlessly into building automation
  • Compatible thanks to EnOcean wireless technology

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Preventive monitoring is one of four solutions we enable with the SAG Smart Access product portfolio. Learn more about our smart access management, intelligent access to lockers and compartments and individual room control based on EnOcean wireless technology.

Locks as a Service
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