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A day in the smart office

Smart office building

Tomorrow’s work is an ongoing topic: New working methods, more technology and new freedoms – with the technical possibilities, the work environment is also changing. However, not only values and methods are changing, but also the office building itself. Technical progress therefore not only influences the desk, but also the entire building management. And that has many advantages! What does a day in the smart office building look like and how does the latest building technology make everyday office life easier? We take a detour into the smart office.

Intelligent building management:
No key, no problem

Monday mornings can be particularly challenging. But it’s time to get a move on – the day’s already starting with an important meeting. Time to jump on the bike and quickly off to the office. You reach the office just in time, but first you have to park your bike in the bike compartment. Then you have to rummage for the key and quickly find the right one on your key ring. Finally, one that fits! Once the bike is parked, the stress continues. Lock the door again and dig out the next key for the building entrance door. You know the procedure: For each additional door, you search again for the matching key on your key ring. It’s unimaginable if you forget your key ring at home!

Perhaps you are familiar with this scenario. But one thing is certain: In the future, things will be different, because intelligent building management will make the key superfluous. You enter your smart office building much more easily: Via app or RFID. By using an app or transponder to signal the door that you are authorised to enter the building, there is no longer any need to manually open or lock a door. But how exactly does building management with RFID transponders work?

Every door is open to you – with just one card or via app

Simple and completely secure: The SAFE-O-TRONIC® access DS600 with SAG Smart Line mortise lock makes office access more convenient than ever. Only authorised persons gain access to the building via an RFID transponder – and without a lavish bunch of keys. The lock identifies you via the RFID transponder and opens automatically and contactlessly. This way, your can quickly park your bike and be inside the office building in good time without losing precious time looking for the key or unlocking it.

The RFID system takes building management to a new level: All information such as duration of use and authorisations are stored on the transponder – and individually as required. The data is only changed on the transponder, while the lock does not require any adjustment. A smart office building with innovative building management: With the SAFE-O-TRONIC® access DS600, you can get to the office faster and be at the Monday morning meeting on time.

The smart office:
All documents always safely stored

You almost forgot: Shortly before the end of work and with your mind already on the weekend, you had stowed away all the documents for the meeting in your office cabinet. Fortunately, the door to your smart office can be opened just as quickly. And the cabinet? It does not require mechanical opening by key either. The intelligent cabinet lock SAFE-O-TRONIC® access LSW600, for example, is not only cable-free – it also allows opening and closing via online control. Whether by card or alternatively by app – intelligent building management includes secure electronic control of storage spaces, i.e. cabinets and lockers too.

In addition to fast access by only authorised persons, the lock offers even more convenience: An additional tamper and break open security. If someone tries to break into a locker or cabinet, an acoustic alarm is triggered – thus immediately stopping any attempt to break in, while also informing you of the attempted tampering. The break-in security is tested according to DIN 4547.

Find out here how the intelligent cabinet lock works in detail and which variations we offer you.

Efficient control of room use thanks to smart building management

Before the meeting starts, you check in advance whether anyone has already arrived in the meeting room. Yes, you’ve read correctly! The use of electronic door locks also allows all office and meeting rooms to be shared and used efficiently. Access is managed online in real time – so even if a room is not used, it can always be made available again. The intelligent building management features yet another decisive advantage: Energy consumption of lighting and heating is thus controlled according to demand.

Safe and comfortable: the building management of the future

On time and well prepared: the meeting is over. Then it’s off to the desk in your own office – your smart office. And here, too, you are ready to start straight away: With the SAFE-O-TRONIC® access DS600 including SAG Smart Line mortise lock, this time it’s not only access that’s made easier for you. Much more! The light comes on automatically and the room temperature is regulated according to your preferences. So you can get straight to work at your desk after the meeting and automatically have the perfect working atmosphere, just the way you like it.

Opening your calendar, you discover that a new desk chair is to be delivered to you in the evening. Are you still in the office then? If not: You can grant access to your office to external persons for a certain time window via Time Sensitive Booking Code (TSBC). The code is generated in no time and sent to the contact. In addition, the code can be provided for one or two locking operations – based on your needs.

Even if it’s late: Faster home thanks to intelligent building management

Monday was a busy day, forcing you to finish later than planned. And you still have a date! You quickly lock everything in the cabinet and rush out the door. But wait a minute: What about light and air conditioning? No problem! You don’t have to waste a thought on that. When you leave the room and lock the door, the light and air conditioning are also automatically switched off. At the end of the day, you can always leave your smart office carefree. Thanks to an electronic door lock, the office is automatically and securely locked, and no energy is wasted.

Building management solutions –
What are the advantages?

At the end of the day, the core benefits of intelligent building management are clear:

  • Quick and convenient access for authorised persons
  • No manual opening and locking necessary
  • Increased security and control
  • Efficient use of space and economical energy consumption
  • Flexibility through temporary access authorisation

The building management of the future creates a smart office for a new kind of working comfort. The electronic access organisation is particularly decisive in this respect. SAG Smart Access provides electronic access solutions consisting of software and hardware that not only enable convenient building management but also building access automation. Learn more about our solutions for intelligent building management or contact us. We will be happy to advise you individually!

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