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Keeping your distance via app

We all know what it means to keep the necessary minimum distance – especially with the aim of preventing viruses from spreading. In some situations, however, keeping your distance is not easy or even impossible. In other situations, we forget to keep our distance – especially in our familiar surroundings, where we tend to behave according to our routines. The good thing is, there is an easy way to ensure the distance: Through innovative solutions with which we keep our distance via app.

Keeping your distance via app –
how does it work?

Let’s imagine ourselves in an everyday office situation where, due to current events, we need to keep more distance: How can smart technology help? Let’s first think about access to the offices. Thanks to an electronic locking system – with which a door can only be opened with the appropriate authorisation – it is ensured that not too many people gather in a room at the same time. Different technologies can be used to operate the electronic locking system. With SAG door locks, there is a choice between:

  • PIN code
  • TGC
  • RFID transponder
  • Bluetooth

This is how room occupancy is controlled with SAG’s electronic access solutions based on the transmission of usage data. This transmission of a data-based authorisation for room access takes place via the smartphone. RFID transponders can be written to as data via the smartphone or via readers integrated into the local network. Alternatively, access is also possible via other mobile devices. The opening of the locking systems then takes place, for example, quite simply via Bluetooth.

Conveniently control access and, on top of that, keep your distance via app

Keep your distance via app? Thanks to electronic access solutions, this is now possible and easier than ever. Access authorisation can be transferred just as easily from the smartphone to RFID cards and to other transponders. This makes it possible to individually select which technology is best suited for electronic access control – or also appears to be the most convenient. In the configuration of the locking systems, there is therefore room for manoeuvre as to which technology is preferred.

Managing the number of people in rooms more easily – for more distance

By using an electronic door lock, access authorisation can be controlled via app. Only those who have authorisation can enter the room. For more distance via app, it also means: The number of authorisations is limited to a certain number of people, so that it is ensured that not too many people meet in a small space at the same time. A key advantage here is: The permissions can be assigned permanently or temporarily. This allows several people to enter a room at different times.

Reducing touch points –
more hygiene via app

Another point in terms of virus spread is the touching of surfaces by different people. We leave viruses and bacteria on surfaces with our hands, which we then pass on to others who touch the same surface shortly afterwards. In this way, we make it easy for viruses and bacteria to spread even faster – and that is exactly what we need to avoid. Hygiene concepts should therefore also take into account increased hygiene via app.

More hygiene via app: The path via building automation

Here, too, electronic access systems can reduce the points of contact: Through the use of wireless EnOcean wireless technology. With this technology, the lock and locking components can be easily linked to the building automation system. For example, preferences regarding temperature, ventilation or lighting can be transferred with the locking authorisation – with the advantage that the desired settings are automatically activated when entering a room. This makes it clear: Keeping your distance via app also means more hygiene via app.

Electronic locking systems are the door opener to more hygiene via app

By linking the building automation with the electronic locking systems, central touch points are reduced by connecting lights, radiators and other touch points to the electronic access. Instead of having to press the light switch, the light comes on automatically when you enter the room – provided the electronic locking system has been configured accordingly. Likewise, the temperature in the room can be regulated so that the thermostat is not touched. This can ensure more hygiene via app, and people can also keep their distance via app.

Keeping your distance via app with
electronic locking systems from SAG

In times when keeping your distance is extremely important, electronic aids are the ideal solution. Electronic locking systems – linked to the building automation system – make it much easier to keep a distance in common rooms. At SAG, we will gladly advise you individually on how to configure your buildings via app to ensure that more distance is kept. Learn more about our solutions for electronic access control or contact us. Together with you, we will find the right solutions for your hygiene concept!

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