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What are
electronic locking systems?

Panicking because you’ve misplaced your key again? No problem with digital locking systems. Here, doors, cabinets or gates are opened by radio signal, e.g. with the help of a smartphone app. If an access medium is lost, access is quickly and easily deleted from the system – even remotely. This way, your access control system always remains secure. Especially in large commercial properties, this is an advantage and reduces the risks due to key loss.

The basic elements of an electronic locking system are as follows:

  • Electronic locking system (e.g. in the form of an electronic locking cylinder or fitting)
  • A medium for identification, e.g. smartphone
  • A software for managing the various accesses

Locks as a Service: SAG’s Locking Systems for Doors and Furniture Division develops, produces and markets electronic door and furniture locking systems (SAFE-O-TRONIC® access) as well as mechanical cabinet locks. In the area of electronic locks, we make use of an open system architecture to ensure that these locking systems can be integrated into SAG systems as well as third-party systems, both today and in future.

Here you can find out more about the world-renowned leading product SAFE-O-MAT®.

Advantages of electronic locking systems

SAG established the first ‘smart’ mortise lock with EnOcean wireless technology on the market. SAG’s electronic locking systems are also optionally equipped with EnOcean technology. The next level of access organisation thus enables the wireless and battery-free integration of the doors into the building automation. The advantages of digital locking systems are therefore obvious: comfort, safety, control, flexibility and sustainability.

Preventive monitoring

With the help of EnOcean wireless technology, the current locking status can be monitored online from anywhere at any time. In addition, the room control can be managed and automated via cloud-based technology. How does that help you in practice? This way you can easily prevent burglary, fire or water damage – and save a lot of money.

High investment security

Regardless of the building and the purpose for which you are looking for an electronic locking system, SAG Smart Access solutions can be easily and flexibly adapted to your needs at any time. Complete or step by step to your new locking system.

Individual room control

The room is empty? The light goes out. Thanks to the wireless EnOcean radio technology, you can organise the room control depending on access. Energy sources such as light, heating or ventilation are regulated depending on the people in the room. This is sustainable and energy-efficient.

How does an electronic locking system work?

No more annoying jingling with the key ring: for an electronic locking system, you do not need a traditional key that you have to turn in the door lock. Instead, doors, cabinets, etc. are opened via a wireless signal. SAG Smart Access offers a variety of technologies for it, such as:

  • PIN code
  • The Time Sensitive Booking Code (TSBC is already limited in time when it is created and can also be valid for only one or two locking processes)
  • RFID data carriers (MIFARE, LEGIC and HID)
  • Wearables
  • Bluetooth (with and without cloud connection)
  • Mobile Key Systems
  • Apps on the smartphone or tablet
  • Individual solutions

Integrated EnOcean wireless technology ensures uncomplicated integration of the digital locking systems into the building automation: a small sensor that is installed as a door lock and/or locking system and communicates via radio.

Electronic locking systems in comparison – making your life smarter

Our SAFE-O-TRONIC® access product line offers a wide range of electronic locking systems for doors, cabinets and other lockable furniture. You should consider the following factors when making your choice:

  1. Management software: convenient and uniform
  2. Area of application: electronic locking cylinders, digital fittings and terminals
  3. Identification technologies: optimal integration into your system
  4. Online and offline functions: what are your requirements?
  5. Networks and integration: cable-free locking systems at every door combined with a few network-bound terminals to update authorisations

Areas of application for electronic locking systems: doors, cabinets, etc.

Exterior doors, interior doors, cabinet doors: electronic locking systems are particularly useful in large buildings, such as office buildings.

Doors & Entrances: Whether internal or external doors, turnstiles, rolling gates, parking barriers or other access control systems, with SAG Smart Access all access points to your building can be conveniently organised.

Cabinets: You want to protect your office cabinet or personal desk container from unauthorised access? Or do you have lockers and safe deposit boxes that are to be individually assigned and booked on a mobile basis? It’s simple with a smart cabinet lock that also works wirelessly via BLE, RFID or PIN code.

Do you have questions about electronic locking systems or our products? We’ll be happy to help you!

Our four solution concepts ‘Keyless Access’, ‘intelligent cabinet locking’, ‘Preventive Monitoring’ and ‘Individual Room Control’ are explained in detail on the following pages.

Locks as a Service
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