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Hotel online check-in
Digital Guest Journey:
Digital processes in the hotel industry

Transform a stay in your hotel or serviced apartment into a digital comfort journey for your guests. The Digital Guest Journey establishes many touch points between hotel and guest before travellers even enter your hotel. It all starts with the hotel online check-in.

Three companies present a strong product to the
hotel industry.

Together with our partners in the Digital Guest Journey, straiv and apaleo, SAG Smart Access by Schulte-Schlagbaum ensures a smart all-round experience that leaves a positive impression.

Hotel check-in with your own smartphone.

Turning access into a relationship.

Digital experiences for the hotel industry.

Hotel online check-in
Convenient & accessible for the visitor

The solution enables your hotel guests to check in digitally with their own smartphone or at a check-in kiosk. The advantages: hotels prevent long queues and dissatisfied guests at the reception desk, and the workload is reduced for hotel employees. Your guests can access the solution on any mobile device – without downloading an app.

Corporate testimonials
About the collaboration

Alexander Haußmann
Founder and managing director of straiv
»The goal is to fully automate the check-in and check-out process. After all, hotels can only harness the full potential of digitalisation if all steps are digitalised and connected. This means saving time and money, which can be invested in the important things, such as personal conversations, greeting and initial contact with guests. We are especially pleased with the partnership with SAG (Schulte-Schlagbaum). Together, we will continue to automate processes and create added value for hotels and hotel guests.«
Philip von Ditfurth
Founder of apaleo
»Combining straiv’s web application, Schulte-Schlagbaum locking systems and the open property management platform apaleo provides the perfect solution for customers’ increasing demand for self-service, while at the same time making the life of hotel operators easier through automation.«
Dirk Heumann
Sales manager of Locking Systems for Doors and Furniture, SAG
»SAG Smart Access allows us to integrate keyless entry into the Digital Guest Journey, thereby creating another source of added value for guests and hotel operators. By implementing smart solutions such as the digital guest folder from straiv and the PMS solution from apaleo into the open API of our SAFE-O-TRONIC® access locking system, the check-in and check-out process can be completely contactless. With SAG Smart Access, guests can even enter their room or apartment without a key: via their smartphone or a personal PIN code.«

Hotel online check-in:
Make it easy!

Prevent long queues at check-in: with the digital tool from straiv, your guests can fill in all the information and content needed for check-in while they are at home or travelling – for a digital guest journey with satisfaction guaranteed.

Hotel online check-in
Your advantages at a glance

Online confirmation
and check-in

  • Convenient confirmation (digital pre-check-in) incl. digital registration form while at home or travelling
  • Keyless access via smartphone with intelligent PIN
  • Improved guest feedback
  • For hotels and serviced apartments of all types and sizes

guest folder

  • Guest information and services at the touch of a button
  • Digital guest folder for improved guest feedback
  • Customised offers via push notification
  • Digital booking of additional options
  • Individual guest communication via email or SMS
  • Guest recommendations
  • Automatic email/
    invoice dispatch
  • Digital payment

What else you
should know

  • Upload coronavirus test and vaccination certificates
  • Quick and easy implementation
  • Green choice (cancel room cleaning with one click): sustainability option
Contact me!

Are you wondering what a Digital Guest Journey would look like for your hotel or flat?
I would be happy to help you.

Dirk Heumann

Contact person at SAG for Digital Guest Journey

“Here at ZÄHLWERK Apartments, our focus is on ensuring flexibility for our guests. The SAG Smart Access solution is simple and reliable. No app is required, and it’s quick and easy to integrate via an open API. The temporary guest code is the first ever option for mapping access authorisation for guests in a customised and secure way. SAG (Schulte-Schlagbaum) delivers a solution that is the perfect fit for our identity and the spirit of the modern age”.

Kristin Antelmann
Operations Manager
ZÄHLWERK Apartments

Convenient hotel
online check-in

with SAG Smart Access, straiv and apaleo

Our joint digital check-in solution for hotels and serviced apartments offers check-in and check-out including mobile door opening, digital guest folder and automated guest communication.

Hotels can optimise their internal processes and boost direct booking and upselling. Hotel guests benefit from a quick and easy service on their own smartphone.

Airport Terminal: Woman Waits for Flight, Uses Smartphone, Brows
Loving couple shopping online in internet store, using digital tablet
Business traveler in hotel hallway with phone
Businessman Holding Tablet

Advantages of SAG Smart Access electronic locking systems
Smart & secure

With SAG Smart Access, your guests receive the intelligent PIN code for their Digital Guest Journey on their smartphone.

With our software and hardware for keyless access management, we help our customers to establish a demand-oriented and intelligent building management process. Secure access to doors and lockers, as well as to the resources protected by them, from anywhere – directly from a smartphone, provided on a time-limited basis in real time.

Together with our partners straiv and apaleo, we have generated enormous added value for hotels and serviced apartments in the form of the Digital Guest Journey.

The digital travel tool –
Digital Guest Journey

Supported at all times

Allow travellers to check in online using their own smartphone – with digital registration form included. Our products ensure that your guests have all the important information and services at their fingertips at all times, without having to download an app. Doors open as if by magic with a digital PIN.

Prevent long queues and dissatisfied guests at your hotel reception desk. Hotel online check-in via smartphone is easy and convenient for your guests, while you benefit from direct bookings and upselling. Straiv is also a mobile door opener that enables digital payment and much more, making it the perfect travel tool for unforgettable hotel stays.

Hotel online check-in
Success story:
ZÄHLWERK Apartments

The perfect digital check-in process: the ZÄHLWERK serviced apartments in Pfaffenhofen offer guests apartments and community spaces that are tailored to the demands of modern travellers. Work, leisure and living spaces are increasingly merging – a lifestyle that is perfectly reflected in ZÄHLWERK.
The aparthotel has been offering the joint solution from straiv, apaleo and SAG Smart Access for automated online check-in and check-out since November 2020. Thanks to our collaboration, the entire guest journey is mapped digitally, including door opening with digital PIN. You can find more details about this implementation in our magazine.

FAQs: Digital Guest Journey

A Digital Guest Journey is more than just pure online check-in at the hotel. The entire guest journey is digitalised, making it equally convenient for guests and hotel operators. Guests receive all the necessary information directly on their mobile phone and benefit from digital support during check-in and check-out. They also have access to services such as spa treatments, trip suggestions or other offers.

First, guests select their destination and preferred hotel or serviced apartment. Once the trip is booked, they receive a confirmation email, including access to their digital guest folder, which also contains the PIN code required for check-in. The advantage? Guests obtain comprehensive information before they actually travel:

  • Plan the journey
  • Research the hotel’s insider tips
  • Discover additional hotel services
  • Book extra services directly

Important: guests do not have to log in to access this information, nor do they have to download an app via the App Store. Guests receive another message before they actually arrive to let them know they can already check in. This saves valuable time at the beginning of the journey and ensures a stress-free start to the holiday. All the information for check-in is then filled in directly and the registration form is signed digitally.

The stay during a Digital Guest Journey is just as convenient as the check-in process: all information is sent to the guest’s smartphone, tablet or laptop. All additional services can be booked conveniently, e.g. via mobile phone. After departure, guests can get updates on the next direct booking offers via push notification or receive inspirational travel ideas for their next stay.

Support your guests from the beginning of their stay right through to the direct booking of their next visit. Through active guest communication, you can provide information about unique offers and services conveniently and easily via email or SMS. Guests can book

  • spa treatments
  • breakfast
  • taxi service
  • or future stays

at any time. Other plus points: the digital guest folder offers you the opportunity to request feedback during the stay.

Download for the guests and no additional tablets in the hotel – the digital travel tool from straiv, apaleo and SAG Smart Access supports your guests throughout the entire guest journey. Before, during and after their stay in the hotel – and without the extra effort of an external app.

With our solutions for digital check-in and check-out, the digital guest folder and the journey email, you can cover the entire Digital Guest Journey.

With our solutions for digital check-in and check-out, the digital guest folder and the journey email, you can cover the entire guest journey.

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Maureen Träger
Partner Success Manager

Tel.: +49 711 25 24 73 10


Eichwiesenring 4F
70567 Stuttgart, Germany

Schulte-Schlagbaum AG

Dirk Heumann
Head of Sales

Tel.: +49 173 523 34 97


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42553 Velbert, Germany

apaleo GmbH

Antonios Salapatas
Senior Business
Development Lead

Tel.: +49 173 981 0201


Dachauer Str. 15 A
80335 Munich, Germany

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