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Building automation could also be described as the all-round carefree package: Building technology that independently adapts to the needs of its users.

When you arrive at the office in the morning, the light is already on, the coffee machine is ready to go and the heating has already heated your room to a pleasant 21 °C 2 hours before you arrive. With your smartphone you open the door to your office. The already extended awnings provide optimal shade from the rising morning sun, which would otherwise blind you. The perfect morning can begin.

Sounds like dreams of the future? Not any more: Thanks to smart building automation, everything takes care of itself.

What is building automation?

In very basic terms, building automation – abbreviated to GA – defines the regulation and control of building functions such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning as well as locking systems and much more. For this purpose, all sensors, actuators, control elements and other technical components of the building management are networked with each other. The aim of this building automation system is the safe, efficient and comfortable operation of the entire building. The main focus of building automation is on public non-residential buildings such as shopping centres, airports, hospitals, office buildings, universities, etc.

What are the immediate benefits of building automation?

  • Efficiency
  • Security
  • Comfort
  • Sustainability

Building automation should be one thing above all: profitable. In terms of efficiency, the automation of building management brings optimisation in resource consumption as well as reduction in operating costs. Through the intelligent use of the individual technical components, for example in the course of energy management, the energy for lighting and heating is only used when it is really needed.

The security aspect is also improved and intelligently solved by building automation. Smart access organisation and building control ensure the safety of staff and technology. We at SAG have found our specialisation precisely in this segment and offer simple interfaces for preventive monitoring and individual room control. With our intelligent and innovative solutions for smart access, we ensure secure and efficient access organisation in the course of digital building management.

However, you should not only feel the advantages of building automation economically, but also personally. Thanks to information stored individually for each user, you can experience your everyday life in a completely pleasant and new way thanks to Smart Building Solutions.

The 3 levels of building automation

Building automation systems are divided into 3 levels:

The field level

It is responsible for the automation of the technical systems in the building. Sensors and actuators communicate with each other and exchange the collected information with each other. Subsequently, the collected information is converted into signals, such as for the lighting or ventilation system.

The automation level

It controls the technical building systems on the basis of the data supplied by the field level and the information from the management level.

The management level

This is where the higher-level observations and conditions take place. The alarm in case of malfunctions is also sent here. It is the task of the management level to bundle and evaluate the information collected by the other levels. On the basis of this information pool, the management level implements overarching and superordinate control and optimisation algorithms that contribute to improved building automation.

In which areas is building automation used?

Offices, smart clinics, industry, administration, universities and hotels – all these buildings have one thing in common: They are confusingly large and very difficult to manage without technical assistance. But every building has its own requirements. This also applies specifically to access control, for example. With SAG Smart Access, we contribute our part to general building automation. With Smart Building Solutions, we help to guarantee uniform and simple identification of the user as well as easy management of access rights for each of your employees:

Are there risks with building automation?

Where there are advantages, there are often disadvantages. In addition to efficiency, comfort, sustainability and safety, the last point in particular also has a decisive disadvantage. The attack surface for cyber-crime and digital vandalism is significantly increased by the investment in the Internet of Things (IoT). For this reason, we at SAG have focused on the aspect of security, especially in the area of access organisation. Through rigorous testing and integrated security features in our products, we help building management keep the attack surface as small as possible.

Would you like to learn more about building automation and our Smart Access technology? Then please feel free to contact us. We support you in your search for the individually perfect solution and guide you step by step towards the future.

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